Given by… Donna

I couldn’t wait to give glory to God today as this week my husband was diagnosed with cancer. God answered our prayers for healing when one of the tests came back that my husband ‘seems’ to fall into one of those 2% categories of people where that particular type of cancer he had was a benign tumor. The outcome, of course, is that God healed my precious husband. We encourage anyone who may ever receive a ‘bad report’ to tell those that are full of faith and who love you enough to stand with you and believe God for a miracle because God is into healing people and loves faithful people to stand up in Him for ones who are hurting or are in desperate need of a miracle. We had leaders in our church over here in Australia, ‘Contemporary Christian Center’ and Pastor Wayne Gwilliam all stand with us in prayers of faith and love and God in His infinite love did not leave anyone disappointed and He never does.  Donna