Ignite Staff

Ana Finau

Ana Raised in her early years as a PK kid. In 2011 Ana had her first encounter with God asking her to raise her hands in church. The simple act of obedience lead her for the first time in her life, to feel freedom. Not long after a genuine Salvation experience, Ana soon joined YWAM where she completed 5 years in missions. Finishing in 2016, she was then introduced to Dr Wayne C. Gwilliam by a close relative attending his tent meeting. Months after, Ana had soon became a full-time intern of the ministry. In that same year, and years to follow, she has travelled with Ignite to a-few countries around the world, and into a lot of places around Australia. Ana has been ordained into full time ministry. Achieving a bachelor of theology and is currently studying for her Masters. She also serves as lead outreach Evangelist & Personal Assistant of Dr Wayne C. Gwilliam.

Aaron Gwilliam and Rachel Gwilliam


Born into the ministry life, and offspring to one of the worlds leading Prophetic ministries around, founder of Ignite Revivals Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam. Aaron has merged into the scene of his own flourishing from underneath his father coordinating the Ignite ministry as 2IC. After 2 years of learning fatherhood to his young family, and working his way up from the bottom in the construction industry to the position of a Foreman. Earned on his return to Ignite as the Vice President of Ignite Revivals Ministry. As the anointing and gift on his life continue to grow and wearing the different hats to bring it all together with his wife Rachel Gwilliam, they also take part as lecturer’s teaching at the Ignite Institute of Prophetic Leadership Bible School.


Rachel Gwilliam Receiving The Lord at the age of 15, Rachel made the decision to fully commit her life to Christ at 28 years old. Married and content with her small family, she also teaches as part of the lectures along-side her husband Aaron Gwilliam at the Ignite Institute of Prophetic Leadership Bible School. As well, Rachel tag teams with Dr. Angela Gwilliam, director of Ignite as part of our administrations team working behind the scenes to bring plans to fruition.

Robert and Tracey Ngawini

Robert and Tracey has been a part of Ignite since 2016. And since then, they’ve accomplished much in their own lives and in others. Ordained into full time ministry, they have completed their Bachelor of theology, and are currently studying for their Masters for ministry. They Pastor at Hawksbury Unite to Ignite Family Worship Centre, and are teachers of Ignite in our Facebook online Foundational classes. In addition, are part of our leadership and Evangelism Team and owners of one of Ignite’s stage trucks, aptly named “The Warhorse”. It operates as part of Ignite convoy around the country with the soul purpose of Evangelism and the building of people.

Faitele and Helen Seia

Early in his youth, Faitele gave his heart to the Lord attending Bible studies in his local church, encouraged by his grandmother. And Helen in 2007 during an open air outreach held by a preacher in down town Mt. Druitt. It was the same year she met Tele, tied the knot, and both are pursuing life together doing ministry. He was introduced to Ignite founder Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam of Ignite Revivals at a revival meeting held at a local church in Sydney. It wouldn’t be too long after, he signed into a Bible School for a few years where he also successfully completed his Cert IV in Pastoral Care. Finishing his school in 2021. With connections already since 2019, both had joined Ignite and Faitele was ordained as Dean of the Ignite Institute of Prophetic Leadership Bible School.

Keith Hubbard

Born again in 2020. Keith was introduced to the ministry in 2021. Acquainted with the outreach team, the Holy Ghost led him to join the outreach group in their town to town outreaches before making the decision to become a full time intern of the ministry 8 months later. He is part of leadership and works closely with Ev. Ana Finau over the evangelism outreach team under the guidance of Dr Wayne C. Gwilliam, leading with signs and wonders. Keith also teaches alongside his fiancée Cheryl Smith at the Ignite Institute of Prophetic Leadership Bible School.

Cheryl Smith

Cheryl joined internship in 2021 leaving her decade long nursing career in Australia to pursue what God has for her. She is part of the Leadership team, assists in our worship team, and is a lecturer of our online Bible School at Ignite Institute of Prophetic Leadership alongside her fiancé.

Michael Axsel

Micheal joined and became part of the ministry as an intern in September 2020 through association. In the discovery of his many attributes, evangelism has become his soul passion. To win the lost at all cost. In addition, he teaches the Evangelism course for the Ignite Institute of Prophetic Leadership Bible School. And in application witnesses to the multitudes on a daily basis as his lifestyle.

Jeffery Osland

Jeff joined the ministry in 2020 and since has been apart of the staff since. He is involved in the assisting of our interns as well a lecturer of our online Bible School at Ignite Institute of Prophetic Leadership Bible School.

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