Travis Hutton

Knowing he was destined for a greater purpose, Travis found his way to the Ignite Discipleship School on visitations where he also gave his heart to the Lord in 2021. A few months after he would follow his commitment to pursue God and destiny in interning with the ministry. He has since become part of the Leadership team, the work coordinator and is also part of the evangelism outreach team sowing the same seeds of salvation into the multitudes.

Samuel Jansen

Born again at 18, Samuel grew up in the influence of Christianity. Searching for the more, through association was introduced to Ignite and instantaneously got on board and became an intern in 2021. Samuel is involved in being part of the Church Sound Crew for the Unite2Ignite Family Worship Centre and is also a part of our evangelism outreach team.

Akosua Boatenmaa-Hay

Akosua grew up in a Christian Household, and made the commitment to give her life to the Lord as a child in Sunday School. In her older years she earned her degree in Sports coaching and administration. She’d began to feel in her heart the Lord wanted her to do more and so was called out of her job and led to the next phase of her journey which led her to Ignite, where she met Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam through his meetings through an acquaintance. Akosua since has been a part of the Ignite Internship since February 2021. She now leads the Kids Church and Youth Group programs at Ignite for the Unite2Ignite Family Worship Centre. As well, is also a part of the evangelism outreach team.

Herminia Diaz

Giving her heart to the Lord in 2014, began Herminia’s journey into the extra-ordinare. Herminia attended on invitation to one of Dr. Wayne’s tent crusade meetings in 2017. Shortly after she became an Intern in February of 2019. Herminia is involved in the worship team for the Unite2Ignite Family Worship Centre and also is a part of the evangelism outreach team. Reaching cities and towns at a time for Christ.

Peter Alcock

Peter Alcock Born into a Christian household Peter gave his heart to the Lord at 10 years of age. Later on in his years he went to Bible School earning his bachelors in Theology and Graphic Design. He joined Ignite and has become an intern with the ministry since 2019. Peter’s been involved in evangelism with the Ignite outreach team and is in the current development of the lecturers phase soon.

Daniel Read

With greatness in his lineage, Daniel grew up in a Christian setting. The great nephew of the late Arden Burrell. In his search for life, led his journey into Ignites discipleship house through affiliation in 2019. Making the decision easy to join the Ministry under internship and has been till date. Daniel is a part of the worship team and kids church for the Unite2Ignite Family Worship Centre. He also is a part of the Ignite evangelism outreach team, sowing into the multitudes to make the same exchange at the Cross.

Rachel Panoose 

Growing up in a christian family, Rachel spent her childhood looking after her family who were dealing with sickness, she always knew God was there and longed to know Jesus more. after dealing with abuse, rejection and poverty she ran from home at 14 years old and spent years going from relationship to relationship and home to home. After years of heartache the Lord brought her back to himself and she started her journey with the Lord. She first met Dr Wayne and the ignite ministries at a tent revival meeting in 2010 and knew that this is what she had been waiting for. This kick started her spiritual growth in the Lord and she became an intern of Ignite in 2019.

Albin Panoose

Being brought up in a catholic christian household, he wasn’t a fan of Christianity because of the catholic traditions and prayers, he always knew about God but never felt a genuine and true relationship with God. He met Dr Wayne and ignite ministries through his wife Rachel and encountered a few life changing experiences that gave him a true sense that God was real. Since then Ignite has been a critical part of his life and he is now an Intern.

Stephen Towie

Born and raise in Perth, at the age of 21 Stephen accepted Jesus Christ into his heart through his landlord. Being already apart of a stabilised Church, Stephen was introduced to Ignite during Dr. Wayne’s regular trips, prophetically speaking at his church back in 2019. Stephen later attended one of his tent crusade meetings months after in the Gold Coast in Queensland. Following that experience he had joined and committed on becoming an Intern with Ignite Revivals and has been for 3 1/2 years. He is also a part of the evangelism outreach team. Powerfully sowing the same seeds sown into his own.

Kiri Polutele

Conversion by a way of lifestyle. Kiri’s introduction to Christ came by way of evidence He had made in her best friend’s life. And so in her study of the Bible in pursuit of One Jesus Christ, she met Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam in one of his revival meetings in the small suburban town of Plumpton at a local church. Kiri has stayed connected with the ministry since 2019 and has committed herself and her family in joining the internship in 2022 to date. Where she currently teaches of great strength as part of the lecturers at the Ignite Institute Of Prophetic Leadership Bible School, oversees the women’s ministry and takes part in the evangelism outreach team. Seeing the lost won to Christ on a weekly basis.

Judith Varagnola
Pursuing the difference of Christianity lead Judith to an invitation where she attended and met Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam of Ignite Revivals during his tent crusade back in 2017 held in Taree. Not long after a few years since the crusade, Judith joined the internship with Ignite in 2021. Where she’s been involved in co-leading in our Prayer course along-side Kiri Polutele at Ignite institute of Prophetic Leadership Bible School. As well as co-leading in our worship team at Hawksbury Unite2Ignite Family Worship Centre Church and is a part of the Evangelism Outreach Team who wins souls on a daily for the Kingdom.