It’s Time to Act

For many years people have studied the scriptures concerning end times, they have taught it, preached it, argued over it, and made movies concerning it. Now we are entering this time, and many that taught us these truths, are as blind as the so called scholars of 4000bc. That studied, taught, and preached on the coming of a saviour. And when He arrived they failed to see Him! Not only did they fail to see Him, they argued with Him, slandered Him, then judged Him, and then condemned Him.

Brethren if this truly is the beginnings of the unrest that leads up to the great tribulation. Don’t you think its time to take account of our own lives, and the lives of our family, and those close to us. Rather than argue over what the Jews, the Arabs, the Muslims, the Russians, or what the president is doing, or not doing. At least Noah’s whole family entered into the ark! So get a grip” listen to your heart and not your head. Stop arguing” and start praying, while there is still time to do something about those that are not saved!