You shall receive power.

Today the current trend of teaching within the majority of Christianity through out the English speaking world, is producing a powerless church. The gospel preached by many in today’s church dilutes the sins of yesterday, so they are absorbed into the culture of the modern day church. This emerging church resembles the church of the book of Acts in a very few ways. I have stood back and listened to many try to justify their new outlook on such doctrines concerning a GRACE that embraces sexual immorality between genders, marriage has became just another religious ritual that need to be done away with, as more couples within the church find it better to just to live together as partners. The flow of fowl language has become very acceptable to many that choose to be known as Christians. Addictions we once used the power of God to set people free from, are now being openly accepted as the normal flow of the church.

Some think when we use the term powerless church, we are talking about a Holy Spirit tongue talking church, a Holy Ghost Joy church, a prophetic church, a healing and deliverance church, Not true! I can only speak for myself. But when I use the word powerless I mean a church that has lost the power to change an unfaithful spouse into a loyal spouse, a thief into a trustworthy soul, a liar into a truthful person, a prideful person into a humble person, a lazy person into a worker, a taker into a giver, a coward in to a person that will lay down their life for you, a violent person into a peace loving person. In other words a church that has the power to transform a persons life from the inside out, thought the power of balanced love!