Pastor Charles Simpson
He is the author of numerous books, including Courageous Living, The Challenge to Care, Ants, Vines and Churches, and Straight Answers to 21 Honest Questions about Prayer released in September 2013. He served as the Senior Editor of The Covenant & the Kingdom Bible study curriculum and contributed commentary for the popular Spirit-Filled Life Bible. Charles received his honorary doctorate from the American Center for Theological Studies in 1998.

Today, Charles serves as a spiritual father to many pastors and as a consultant to churches and businesses, traveling and ministering globally. He is the Editor-in-Chief of One-to-One™ magazine, and is a featured writer in every issue. Under the banner of CSM Publishing, One-to-One and its related website, audio, video, books, and monthly Pastoral Letters reach around the world.

Charles resides in Mobile, Alabama. His wife of 47 years, Carolyn, went home to be with the Lord in 2008. Charles has three adult children and nine grandchildren.

Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne
Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne is President and Founder of Revival Ministries International. RMI, as it is commonly known, is a ministry that crosses denominational boundaries and geographical borders to fulfill what the Lord has called it to do, to stir up the Church, telling her to get ready for the coming revival. In December 1987, Dr. Howard-Browne, with his wife Adonica, and their three children, Kirsten, Kelly, and Kenneth, moved to the United States to be a part of what the Lord had told him in a word of prophecy: The Lord said, “As America has sown missionaries over the last 200 years, I am going to raise up people from other nations to come to the United States of America.” He also said He was sending a mighty revival to America.


Dr. Howard-Browne and his family have been traveling as missionaries in North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. Revival meetings conducted by Dr. Howard-Browne last from one to four weeks and are reminiscent of revivals of the past, with unusual and powerful demonstrations of the Holy Spirit in every meeting. Salvations, rededications, water baptisms, and baptisms in the Holy Spirit are often accompanied by miracles, signs, and wonders. If you are hungry for a touch from God, then join the thousands who are experiencing this great Book of Acts outpouring of the Holy Spirit.



Wayne  Gwilliam – Apostolic oversight, Ignite Revivals.com – Destined To Win Ministries

Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam has authored, -The Potential of the Redeemed Mind, Facing up to Failure, Don’t Die as a Fool Dies, The Priests of a New Covenant, Understanding Calvary, Breaking the Curse of Poverty, Crafty Evangelism, Water Baptism: Weapon or Ritual, and the Back to Basics foundational training manual. Dr. Gwilliam has traveled throughout Australia, the USA, and many other countries, using a large tent, as well as using the media of television and radio, bringing times of refreshing to many thousands of people. Scores of people have testified to reviving salvation, healing, deliverance from addiction, or confirmation through the prophetic manifesting within his meetings; bringing freedom to both the emotional and physical realms.

boy by path 1 copy

As an illegitimate child growing up in the rural home of his father’s legitimate family he would sit by himself, by the side of a dirt road daydreaming. He would dream of a future where he was a freedom fighter, an outlaw who saw the error of his ways, and spent the rest of his life rescuing those in trouble. He had no idea, these daydreams would become his life. It could even be said God was speaking to him, and comforting him in his loneliness, and somehow placing a future within him. As he grew older and times worsened within his surroundings he grew more intense with the times, allowing the negative environment to mold him in a negative way. Then one day he found himself as an angry young man facing a very bleak future. Many said he would spend his life in prison, or be dead at a young age. The childish dreams were gone, replaced by an inner rage, and he had slowly lost the ability to love. Wayne found himself living in an emotional desert with none or very little capacity to dream.

It was during this time in his life he started to process his options through meditation, and as he traveled back through his life he rediscovered the dreams of the lonely little boy that would sit on the bush path pondering his future. And in finding the boy and his dreams he found the author of those dreams, a loving Heavenly Father. Who was reaching out to the angry young man. Through a series of events he connected with Him, and He not only became the source of his dreams. He truly healed his broken heart, and drained the negative rage out of him. Replacing it with an aggressive passion to rescue the broken and wounded on life’s highway; the Lord taught him how to live the dreams of the young boy sitting, by the side of the dirt road and taught him how to become a modern day freedom fighter. Since his salvation, Wayne has been used to reach many of the broken and wounded that had been left on life’s lonely highway!


Angela Gwilliam – Operations Oversight of Destined to Win & Ignite Revivals.com

Angela was born in Italy and immigrated to the United States at a young age with her family.  She grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Angela worked as a commodities broker on Wall Street  in New York City before moving to Miami, FL where she met Jesus and had a powerful conversion. She shares the head oversight of Ignite Revival.com with her husband, and she is a powerful teacher expounding biblical truth into the lives of those she ministers to. They work and travel together.

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  1. Hi Wayne, How are you guys doing ? This is Betsy, the red head from No Name Church. In Poughkeepsie ,NY Or Wappingers. I havent seen or heard of you in a while. I hope you guys come back up. I no longer go to that church But maybe if you come to Angelela Reeds, or somewhere around here, I’ll be able to come see you. one of my daughter is doing better, and one seems to be struggling w/ heroin. I just pray God keeps her Alive and gives her visions and dreams for herself. and the other too. the youngest has a terrible temper, is confused and has dabbled in witchcraft. I’m a wreck on and off, w/them & losing my hair. I have a nephew who lives @ my mothers that does witchcraft He has put curses on me before, so I dont know if its witchcraft making me lose my hair ,stress, hormones or what, I just pray it comes back in. I dont have facebook right now. but I will leave my phone number, 845-444-4005

  2. Greeting in the name of Lord Jesus. this is Pastor Sohail Founder and Chairman way and life international ministries Pakistan.
    way & life who organize all kinds of events in Pakistan.
    i love to share with you we invite the all servants of God who want to work with us in Pakistan as we do with we are doing here in Pakistan by organizing events here such as conferences, crusades or festivals, Bible school for leaders and so on we are ready to work with you across all the provinces and cities of Pakistan we want you to come and bring the gospel to the people who has suffered a lot people has been oppressed they need hope because people of God endured great suffering. We’re waiting for you to in the field of God to bring them the living gospel.i will send you more info and pictures of our ministries in Pakistan as you will reply me.

    1. Thank you sir for your invitation, at the moment the Lord has me ministering in the South Pacific, but should that change, we will consider coming to Pakistan. Blessings to you all!

      1. thank you so very for accept my invitation for more info please write me a email i shall wait your email may God bless you and your ministry and family

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