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  1. Igreet you from Kinshasa DRC
    My name’s Bishop Bolele Bomolo
    I’m the Coordinator of T.L. OSBORN’S daughter Dr Bishop laDonna’s events in the D.R.Congo. I’m the one who organize all her events in the D.R.C. I’ve a desire to inform all servants of God who want to work whit us as we do with Bishop laDonna by organizing events here in the D.R.Congo such as conferences, crusades or festivals, Bible school for leaders and so on we are ready to work with you across all the provinces and cities of the country we want you to come and bring the gospel to the people who has suffered a lot people has been oppressed they need hope because people of God endured great suffering. We’re waiting for you to in the field of God to bring them the living gospel.

    Let’s Kinshasa D.R.Congo find favor to you as other nations have found also that grace to you.

    This nation is in expectation of new wind of the gospel it is through you. You are the carrier of hope to D.R.Congo; God is expecting something to be dome through you in this nation.

    We’re praying to God to give the time to come minister here in the D.R.Congo, it will be better in dry season. The dry season starts in May till September, good time is in June, waiting for your reply.
    Whatssp: +243844719870
    God bless your ministry
    Bishop Bolele Bomolo Josue Jose

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