The Foundations of Love

In this 3-CD teaching series, Dr. Wayne Gwilliam teaches on a powerful vision given to him from God concerning the two foundations of love and the importance of having the right one.

The Power of Honor

The Power of Honor: Based on 2 Timothy 2:20-21, this powerful 4-CD teaching by Dr. Wayne C Gwilliam will teach you the value and necessity of this awesome force and how you can legally contend for a place of honor in your world!

Understanding Calvary

This powerful 3-CD series by Dr. Wayne Gwilliam will help the youngest believer to understand why Jesus had to conquer the cross and, at the same time, stir the hearts of those that are deep in faith!

Water Baptism Weapon or Ritual

Over the years much has been taught concerning the subject of water baptism. I want to ask you several questions concerning the act of water baptism. What does water baptism mean to you? Did you understand what you were doing when you were water baptized? Has water baptism had any tangible effect upon your life? To you, is water baptism a religious ritual, or a weapon that belongs in your arsenal as a believer? THIS TEACHING IS FOR YOU! If you did not understand these questions.

Developing the Champion

In this 3-CD teaching series, Dr. Wayne Gwilliam teaches on how to develop the champion within. God has given to everybody the desire to contend. In these teachings, you will hear the voice of The Holy Spirit as a coach, as you are challenged on many different levels.

The Rescuer

In this 2-part CD teaching series,Dr. Wayne Gwilliam teaches the importance and need for restoration within the world and the church in this modern age. This series will provoke you into action to become a rescuer.

The Potential of The Redeemed Mind

In this powerful 4-CD series, Dr. Wayne Gwilliam teaches the believer about Satan’s assault on the mind, and the importance of renewing the mind by understanding covenant promises.


In this teaching series, Dr. Gwilliam teaches on the danger of toxic teachings, relationships, and love in the life of a believer. These messages will show the believer how to recognize and avoid them.