Understanding the True Prophetic Word!

Some years ago a true prophet spoke a word over my life which confused me to no end. It was a good word, but seemed unrealistic to me. On my way home from the meeting, I asked The Lord if this was a true prophetic word or if this brother had erred in his calling. Why? Because, at that time, I had so many words over my life that I was still trying to work out, the last thing I needed was another word that seemed to demand a lot more faith than I was working under. It didn’t seem to be a realistic word from The Lord; after all, the word tells us He does not overcommit us, but gives to us according to our ability. This word was greater than any ability I had, or could see myself having in the future.

That is when He spoke to me concerning the purpose of prophecy! He told me that He had called me to be a voice behind many voices, meaning I would father many into ministry; the words that were being spoken over my life were creating a foundation of direction for those that would extend the ministry that I was called to, into several generations. When He spoke this to me, I clearly saw the purpose of prophecy being spoken over a leader’s life. Through my minds eye I saw Him speaking a word over Abraham, King David, and many others too numerous to mention; words that are still being worked out in our lives today.

I have a friend that has his roots fastened deep in the Christian faith. The foundation of faith extends over several generations within his family. His parents, grandparents and their friends sowed into his life the integrity and morality which compose the foundation of a true believer. Because of this, he leads a very consistent life in these areas. I have known him for over 25 years. If I was to hear a message he preached 25 years ago, it would not differ in any way from when he preaches it today! Whatever he builds goes from strength to strength! Why? Because of his single-minded lifestyle rooted deep in the true Christian life.

One day I was talking to his father, prior to his crossing over, and he was sharing with me his disappointment in his own life. He told me of the things which The Lord had showed him he was to accomplish, and how he felt he had let The Lord down. Then he said to me, “at least my sons are doing it!” These words awoke the gift within me, and I put my hand on his shoulder and began to speak. I heard myself say “they are you, and you are them. You did what you had to do in building a godly foundation in their lives for the word spoken over you not to return void, but to accomplish what it was sent to perform.” The Lord said through me to him, “you have not failed; you’re right on course. It is the way I meant it to be!”

You may not be like my friend; you may be like me: a first-generation believer. Not only are we first-generation believers; we come from dysfunctional families. We have the task of building a foundation of Christian integrity and morality for our children (natural and spiritual) and their children to build upon. So don’t grow weary in well doing, nor disregard a prophetic word you have been given! He might be speaking to the unborn child still in your loins, or even in your children’s loins. Live your life in a godly way always remembering you are storing up an inheritance for your children’s children!