Given by… Thelisa

Thank you, Dr Wayne, for encouraging us to step out. I thank God every day for sending the team to South Carolina. Before then we were living, that’s all, just living. But now that we have Jesus in our hearts we have life. I found out there is a big difference between the two. What’s the use of living if you don’t have life? That’s why I thank God, first of all, for sending Jesus to die for us on the cross.  Then I thank God for sending John Bolos to knock on our door and getting us hooked up with your team.  I’m so glad that we have a great ministry like you and Pastor Angela who are not afraid of helping someone step out in their calling. God has changed our lives so much that we are going to share the good news of the gospel with boldness. We will not be afraid of the devil because we know that God is able to do all things and that we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. You did a revival at Cornerstone church one night back in June.  There was one thing you said that has stayed in my mind. You said you don’t take ministers and put them in a room for 2 years but you take them and put them on the field and they turn out to be very good ministers. I didn’t understand it that night, but after thinking about it, because it just didn’t want to leave my mind, I can say today that I understand what you meant. You learn how to depend on Jesus. You learn how to trust God. The most valuable lesson I’m learning is that when you trust God and depend on Him to bring you through and out of something. You come through without wrinkles. You are well taught. One thing I want everyone to know that reads this testimony is that one-on-one training with Jesus is the most exciting way of getting wisdom, knowledge and understanding and He will teach you how to love one another and show you how to do things that you don’t know that you’re capable of doing. We’ve learned that God is for us.  So at that rate I’m not concerned about the enemy and his cohorts.  The way I love God for sending Jesus, the devil and his cohorts need to be concerned about us!!!!!!!! Thanks