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Given by… Eugene

From Eugene and Marjorie Dawson Australia. Just a short encouragement from the land ‘down under’. Pastor Wayne had a distinctive influence upon my early Christian walk so many years ago. Recently, my wife Marjorie was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer- non-Hodgkin lymphoma stage B and she was given approximately a 26% 5 year survival chance. Last week she was declared cancer free; totally in full remission. A term of love and grace from a Christian perspective. Pastor Wayne s audio teachings have been a constant accompaniment through these challenging times and we have been blessed beyond expression into coming to a higher level of understanding and personal revelation. I have been able to rise up in boldness. Our loving thanks to you.

Given by… Kettly

Thank you Pastor Wayne for your teaching. I am doing your daily devotional and it’s like hearing you preach. I am growing in the Lord and truly your teaching is what starts me going from the very first time I have heard you. I can say finally, I have a daily devotional that I can be connected to. I know both teachers, you and the ultimate teacher of all, the Lord Jesus. I plan some day to come and visit all of you. Pastor, you cannot imagine how much you have done for me. Thanks for the seed that you have planted in me.

Given by… A brother & sister in Christ

Hi again Pastors Wayne and Angela.   I just wanted to really thank you both as when we first all made contact we were smashed and not even going to church and it blesses our hearts to look back and see that you gave us a go when church protocol would say ‘no let them prove themselves first’. We don’t know whether you knew or not but the healing balm for us was to trust us as we had a horrible discrediting spirit (without sounding fruit loopy) that followed us and worked for a season while we were in another ministry. Just want you both to know that we’ll never forget what you’ve done for us and that you’ve helped us to continue to grow so dramatically.  God has truly used you to add fuel to our tanks. Thankfully yours in Christ.

Given by… Wana

To Wayne Gwilliam I’m writing this to you after a freak collision with your website on a Sunday afternoon, after much discussion and laughs on the past with my mum Marilyn & sisters, we realize that this is the same Wayne Gwilliam we all had to do with back in Australia many years ago….. Just so you know I was the young unruly Maori boy Wana. Lol..we lived with you guys in Toowoomba. God is still showing me how much of a rebellious boy i was back then….. my mum agrees strongly with me….. But what I’m trying to say right now is, as you know, mum found the Lord in Australia, and has been going hard for the Lord since. I too, like your son Ryan, went off the rails and rebelled for a time in my life. The world chewed me up and spit me out and i ended back up on my knees pleading with the Lord for His mercy. He was merciful and accepting of me. I am very amazed and intrigued to hear and see the news of how the two boys have grown.i remember Ben, but Ryan I remember was the youngest. It sounds like they are great men of God. I am now 30 yrs old and have been blessed with a beautiful wife named Mele & 2 boisterous boys,much like myself.God has a weird way of repeating history to bring one to true repentance…. ha ha ha… Daniel is 8 years old and Gabriel 6yrs. Mele & I are currently serving the Lord in the children’s ministry. I’m writing this to you to say thank you very much for taking us into your home back then when we were a family in a time of need.We met God at that time as a family and the seed was planted and it continues to grow even now. God has been my rock, father, healer and good friend.There is no way i could ever leave him again, praise God. I hope that God will continue to bless your family and ministry. I remember you as an evangelist back then with a lot of God given anointing. I was very inspired to see the results of God’s vision for you and the prophecy fulfilled in your life. When i was staying with your family i was 6 yrs old and I have very fond memories of living in the farmhouse down the gravel road and you preaching in the old theater. I also remember I enjoyed the space of the farm that my feet liked to roam… and always managed to run me right into trouble. Anyway, I leave you with all of mine and the Lord’s blessings and love from New Zealand. God bless, Wana Wilson

Given by… Donna

I couldn’t wait to give glory to God today as this week my husband was diagnosed with cancer. God answered our prayers for healing when one of the tests came back that my husband ‘seems’ to fall into one of those 2% categories of people where that particular type of cancer he had was a benign tumor. The outcome, of course, is that God healed my precious husband. We encourage anyone who may ever receive a ‘bad report’ to tell those that are full of faith and who love you enough to stand with you and believe God for a miracle because God is into healing people and loves faithful people to stand up in Him for ones who are hurting or are in desperate need of a miracle. We had leaders in our church over here in Australia, ‘Contemporary Christian Center’ and Pastor Wayne Gwilliam all stand with us in prayers of faith and love and God in His infinite love did not leave anyone disappointed and He never does.  Donna

Given by… Sonia Borisow-Taylor

Just want to thank Wayne so much for his teachings; I have been listening to them continuously and they have been such a blessing to me and have helped in the challenge I have been facing lately; teaching me how to respond in certain situations, how to pray and showing me the truth of what a pure heart is, and how to truly lay down my life for another.
Thank you, Wayne

Given by… Barbara Uganda

Praise the Lord, Pastor.  It is a pleasure to take this opportunity to thank God for His special love to me, my family, and the entire group of Destined to Win Uganda. Greetings in the precious name of Jesus.  I sincerely appreciate everybody who has worked to ensure that this ministry would come out well. As we approach the end of our year of service, I am extending my sincere gratitude to all those who have worked tirelessly towards the successful operation of the ministry in Uganda. I am truly blessed.  What you do for me and my family is beyond human words or description. I humbly request the whole world to look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my life.  Use my testimony to bring others to Jesus.  Ephesians 3:20 – He is able. I thank you for the prayers and the teachings you send to me.  I have benefited from them. Words are limited on how to express my happiness on how am blessed from your ministry, Destined to Win USA.   When my beloved mum died you became my parents because even my dad is a disabled person. I give all the glory to God who stands with me in all ways every season. May God’s richest blessings be upon you so you may continue to meet the needs of many people on earth.  With the power of God, God bless you mightily in this season and the coming year.

Given by… Missionary Geeta

Destined to Win Ministries ( Ignite ) have faithfully supported every work I started overseas. They have helped me carry the financial responsibility for 12 projects, every month. Pastor Wayne has taught me many things during the year, some of which were not always what I wanted to hear. Today I have grown much stronger and more obedient because of his leadership. Many lives were touched worldwide because of what has been imparted in my life. Without the prayers and support of the his leaders and members , I don’t believe I would have made it this far. I would like to say thank you, Pastor Wayne, for allowing me to experience growth in the ministry. My leadership in the mission field has become more secure because of the lessons I have learned along the way from you. God has truly blessed me.
May God richly bless you.

Given by… Thelisa

Thank you, Dr Wayne, for encouraging us to step out. I thank God every day for sending the team to South Carolina. Before then we were living, that’s all, just living. But now that we have Jesus in our hearts we have life. I found out there is a big difference between the two. What’s the use of living if you don’t have life? That’s why I thank God, first of all, for sending Jesus to die for us on the cross.  Then I thank God for sending John Bolos to knock on our door and getting us hooked up with your team.  I’m so glad that we have a great ministry like you and Pastor Angela who are not afraid of helping someone step out in their calling. God has changed our lives so much that we are going to share the good news of the gospel with boldness. We will not be afraid of the devil because we know that God is able to do all things and that we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. You did a revival at Cornerstone church one night back in June.  There was one thing you said that has stayed in my mind. You said you don’t take ministers and put them in a room for 2 years but you take them and put them on the field and they turn out to be very good ministers. I didn’t understand it that night, but after thinking about it, because it just didn’t want to leave my mind, I can say today that I understand what you meant. You learn how to depend on Jesus. You learn how to trust God. The most valuable lesson I’m learning is that when you trust God and depend on Him to bring you through and out of something. You come through without wrinkles. You are well taught. One thing I want everyone to know that reads this testimony is that one-on-one training with Jesus is the most exciting way of getting wisdom, knowledge and understanding and He will teach you how to love one another and show you how to do things that you don’t know that you’re capable of doing. We’ve learned that God is for us.  So at that rate I’m not concerned about the enemy and his cohorts.  The way I love God for sending Jesus, the devil and his cohorts need to be concerned about us!!!!!!!! Thanks

Given by…Kim Castellanos

Since joining the ministry team at Ignite, I have witnessed incredible restorations, healings and deliverances in people from all walks of life.  The ministry team’s devotion to setting people free through the authority of the Cross is relentless.   Daily prayers are offered for the restoration of peace, health, purpose, and spiritual and natural prosperity for marriages and ministries. The whole team endeavors to reveal the depths of God’s love to everyone they meet.  And they are eager to help those who struggle or feel lost in their walk, as I did when I first hooked up with them. The Ignite Team is a true lighthouse for the lost to find their way back to Him. The Bible studies are life changing.  The teachings bring such clarity to the nature of God that you can’t help but be awed and grateful for all He is and all He’s done. Anyone who wants to know God intimately and find their purpose in Him can be assured this ministry will encourage and inspire them in their pursuit.  I am grateful that God has called me to be a part of It., thanks Ignite