Given by… Wana

To Wayne Gwilliam I’m writing this to you after a freak collision with your website on a Sunday afternoon, after much discussion and laughs on the past with my mum Marilyn & sisters, we realize that this is the same Wayne Gwilliam we all had to do with back in Australia many years ago….. Just so you know I was the young unruly Maori boy Wana. Lol..we lived with you guys in Toowoomba. God is still showing me how much of a rebellious boy i was back then….. my mum agrees strongly with me….. But what I’m trying to say right now is, as you know, mum found the Lord in Australia, and has been going hard for the Lord since. I too, like your son Ryan, went off the rails and rebelled for a time in my life. The world chewed me up and spit me out and i ended back up on my knees pleading with the Lord for His mercy. He was merciful and accepting of me. I am very amazed and intrigued to hear and see the news of how the two boys have grown.i remember Ben, but Ryan I remember was the youngest. It sounds like they are great men of God. I am now 30 yrs old and have been blessed with a beautiful wife named Mele & 2 boisterous boys,much like myself.God has a weird way of repeating history to bring one to true repentance…. ha ha ha… Daniel is 8 years old and Gabriel 6yrs. Mele & I are currently serving the Lord in the children’s ministry. I’m writing this to you to say thank you very much for taking us into your home back then when we were a family in a time of need.We met God at that time as a family and the seed was planted and it continues to grow even now. God has been my rock, father, healer and good friend.There is no way i could ever leave him again, praise God. I hope that God will continue to bless your family and ministry. I remember you as an evangelist back then with a lot of God given anointing. I was very inspired to see the results of God’s vision for you and the prophecy fulfilled in your life. When i was staying with your family i was 6 yrs old and I have very fond memories of living in the farmhouse down the gravel road and you preaching in the old theater. I also remember I enjoyed the space of the farm that my feet liked to roam… and always managed to run me right into trouble. Anyway, I leave you with all of mine and the Lord’s blessings and love from New Zealand. God bless, Wana Wilson