The importance of strong covenant relationships.

Covenant is the strongest commitment anyone can make, we make covenant to strengthen ourselves. One will put a thousand to flight, and two will put ten thousand to flight. After reading this morning of the moral fall of another great leader in the body. A man that I greatly respected even though I never new him very well personally I had one brief accidental meeting. I was deeply saddened for him, his family, and the church body he loved and served. The first question that hit my spirit was, where were those godly brethren, he should have been in covenant with. The ones” that love you enough to hear from God when something is wrong in your life, and confront you in love. There the ones should have been his protection through the daily administration of Gods word, that bring reproof, rebuke, and encouragement to our daily walk!

The reason I asked myself that question was on hearing this! My mind went back to a time, in my own life. When a man of God sat in my office and made this statement concerning the leadership I surrounded myself with… These guys you’re running with Wayne, are so committed to you, they would steal wild horses with you! After some thought, I said I guess they would! He looked me strait in the eye, and said, “that will be your downfall. They should be committed to The Lord!” And friends it was my down fall!

Oh, there were ones that did say something to me. But they had so much compromise within their own walk, it discredited any advice they gave. It is not enough to say it! To be a true friend we must live it. Why? Because we can all become addicted to the encouragement, and be lifted up in pride. And pride will cause us to shun the reproof, and rebuke of the word that should come to us daily through godly relationships.

There has to be those in your life, who through the right balance of these three different facets of the word of God operating within their walk, have achieved greatness and maintained it.

I have three life goals I made for myself! The first is to seek this type of covenant friendship out, and make covenant with them. As I again feel my life being pushed back into a front-line position. And the second is to be that type of a friend, to the people that have made covenant with me. The third is help those that have fallen, because they lacked this type of under-girding in their relationships, find their way back to stability. And I encourage any sincere disciple of Christ to do the same thing!